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It is amazing to see your vision of the prototype layout go from your head, to paper, to Adobe and finally to a actual web site. What I wouldn’t believe is the fact that I did it. 

There was so much to learn HTML, CSS, LESS all within a week…. my master plan is coming together. 


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I am currently based in Canberra completing a course in Web Development and Entrepreneurship with Polycademy. It was quite the leap for me, to finish up work at a Financial Planner’s, pack some of my clothes and hope I’ll find a place to rest my head when I am not studying. 

Four days before moving I still had not organised my accommodation, luckily for me (this saying will always hold true ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’) a family friend heard my plight and happened to know good family friends in Canberra. Within a day they had email this great family, who responded with contact details. After a quick chat with Gary I now had a place to stay. 

It is not common at all for me to go out on a limb like that, like most I enjoy comfort. I had been enjoying comfort until I became restless with the daily route. I wanted to brake out, learn new things, experience life, take on a challenge with all the possibilities of failure but grow. 

This is why I am here.

0 Week @ Polycademy

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I don’t know how they do it… 

If you have ever read, listen to, sat through or even slept through an auto biography you will know like I do, how detailed their childhood memories are. I have almost no specific recollections of my younger years. I mean do have fond emotional memories of love, nurture and care but nothing that detailed… wait… something is surfacing. 

I do remember I had an incredible time at school especially year 5 & 6 in Art class with Mrs Burrows; An old lady with a hunch back and a dry, sullen sense of humour. Art class with its lack of written theory and relaxed nature ensured it was the favourite amongst my group of mates, many did however take it oh so seriously especially pottery. It soon became apparent to me and a good friend the explosive nature of heated clay when air pockets are purposefully I mean not properly removed. Unfortunately for the entire school many pots did not make it through the kilm alive that year. One could say a good mix of art & science. 

I did find growing up that technology always intrigued me; it was its structured logic, the creativity of in the design and the problems it solved & at times created. I’m not sure exactly when it occurred but I had felt that the technical side of computing was beyond me, that university education was the only means to grasp that world. 

What is now becoming more obvious to me is the incredible nature of programming and what has contributed to the success of the internet is the open access available to anyone to who wishes to understand it. 

An exciting world awaits.